Did you know that all vertebrates have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? The ECS helps regulate the body’s homeostasis (balance) and allows the cells to comminute with each other, making sure the body is function properly. When the ECS is deficient in any way, it can present in a variety of different signs such as uncontrolled pain, anxiety, allergies, GI issues, neurological issues and many more. Adding in a cannabis product can help adjust this imbalance of the ECS.

Where Do Cannabis Products Come From?
Cannabis products can either be collected from hemp or marijuana and both are considered cannabis plants. Hemp is any cannabis plant containing less than 3% THC and the main product advertised for pets. Marijuana plants are any cannabis plants containing more than 3% THC, and though not needed for minor imbalances of the ECS, can be greatly beneficial for severe pain and cancer management. Cannabis products can be drastically different based on the different strain or subgroup of hemp or marijuana plant used, making proper testing crucial.

How Do Cannabis Products Help Pets?
The cannabis plants contain 100’s of molecules called phyto-cannabinoids, each that can be beneficial in different ways. Depending on which cannabinoids a product contains makes it beneficial for specific issues such as pain, seizures, or anxiety. An example of how cannabis can help an animal is for anxiety. Introducing cannabis molecules that can help with anxiety to an animal’s system can help their own endocannabinoid system maintain homeostasis in the body and decrease the over production of stress hormones.

Paws to consider: Terpenes are also present in the plant and are responsible for the flavor and sent that is given off. Just like phyto-cannabinoids, they have many different beneficial uses, when combined.

Cannabis Safety?
There are no legal regulations currently requiring testing on hemp products in any state. Many hemp or CBD marketed products have no beneficial value and can potentially be harmful to your pets. Only companies that provide a third-party certificate of analysis should be considered reputable. This COA verifies that no harmful solvents or heavy metals are left over in the product after processing and will confirm the number of specific cannabinoids it contains. Allowing us to know the best use of a product for a pet.

Paws to consider: Working with a trained Veterinary Cannabis Counselor is crucial in making sure the products you are using are the right ones and are safe for your pet.

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