January is here and for most of us that means a brand New Year filled with goals and promises we have made ourselves. Promises to eat better, exercise more, maybe to quit smoking or reconnect with old friends. In this time of change, we challenge you to include some goals on your list for your furry family members. Here are some fun and beneficial resolutions you can make for your pet:

  • Measure Their Food
    Did you know that over 50% of dogs and cats in the U.S. are considered overweight? It is important to know how much your pet is eating on a daily basis and using a measuring cup helps you stay consistent. Also if your pet happened to put on a little extra weight over the holidays, you will be able to tell your veterinarian exactly how much your pet is consuming to create a nutrition plan tailored precisely to your pet.
  • Develop an Oral Hygiene Routine
    Just like us, pets need their teeth brushed everyday. Developing a daily habit of brushing your pet’s teeth could improve their overall health as well as their breath. If brushing sounds daunting there are other alternatives. Consider giving your pet specially formulated dental chews that have built in enzymes that work to break down the tartar on your pet’s teeth as well as help freshen breath. There are also water additives, dental wipes, and even a gel that can be applied directly to your pet’s teeth.
  • Make Sure Your Pets Tags and Microchip Are Up To Date
    Microchips and ID tags are a great way to ensure your pet’s safety and potential return if they ever get away from home. It is good practice to check the information on their ID tags as well as ensure your information is up to date with the microchip company at the beginning of every year.
  • Play Everyday!
    Daily exercise is important for you and is just as beneficial for your pets. Exercise does not have to be boring! Look around your community for a new activity you and your pet can try such as a dog agility class, puppy socialization class, play dates with neighbor pets, or even looking into a play group at your local pet daycare facility. You can also buy your pet some new toys and integrate at least 10 minutes of play everyday.
  • Make Some Homemade Treats
    Making homemade treats for your pets is a great way to incorporate ingredients that are beneficial to your pet’s health such as pumpkin for digestive health or coconut oil for skin and coat. Also, when making treats at home this gives you complete control over ingredients, portion size and cost. Besides What better way to say “I love you” to your pet than by making them something special to eat?
  • Give Back To The Community
    A great way to start your year off right is by enriching the lives of others. There are many opportunities to give back to the community. Some great examples are donating blood (you and your pet). Contact your veterinarian to ask about pet blood centers in the area. Your pet could participate in animal assisted therapy to donate time to places like nursing homes or story time at the library. You could also register you and your pet for a charity walk in your area.

New Year’s resolutions can be a daunting thought but we think if you include your pets it can make ringing in the New Year a whole lot more fun! Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/vcofparker/ and let us know what your pet’s resolutions will be for 2017 as well as leave some pictures of your adventures!