Breed Specific Wellness - Animal Care Center - Parker, COPreventive healthcare is important in keeping your pet healthy and happy. At the Veterinary Center of Parker, Inc. we offer a program called Breed Specific Wellness. We start by offering each pet a specific genetic pre-dispositions screen that allows us to detect genetic conditions early and help us be more proactive with preventative and treatment throughout the lifetime of your pet.

We then tailor each wellness visit to your breed. For example, Golden Retrievers are pre-disposed to lymphoma, a form of cancer. With this information we would be more aggressive in doing regular blood work, checking often for lumps and bumps, and discussing diet and exercise.

At Veterinary Center of Parker, Inc., it is our mission to provide you and your pet the most comprehensive care. Our breed specific wellness programs are designed to detect any potential conditions as early as possible before they become a serious issue.

Click on the link below to find information on several different breeds. We urge you to find your pet’s closest breed and download the handout. You will then see how unique each breed truly is as well as some of the conditions they are linked to.

Click Here To Access Your Pet’s Breed Specific Handout